Public Art and Monuments

Point data for location of Artwork within Ballarat. Included features include Public Artwork, Monuments, Cannons, Entrances, Flagpoles, Statues, Prime Minister Statues, Sundials, Pavement Art, Plaques, Fountains, Heritage Mailboxes, Memorials. Attributes include ID, Condition, Location/Name, Feature Type, Maintaining Authority, Site Location, Suburb, Ward. Although all due care has been taken to ensure that this data is correct, no warranty is expressed or implied by the City of Ballarat in its use. More Information: Author: City of Ballarat Owner: City of Ballarat

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spatial { "type":"Polygon", "coordinates":[[[143.78547862248877, -37.425487166802625],[143.78547862248877, -37.65871876056631], [143.9273178515945, -37.65871876056631], [143.9273178515945, -37.425487166802625], [143.78547862248877, -37.425487166802625]]] }

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